Connect through your favourite IRC client! Server: Ports: 6661-6669, 7000

While the majority of our clients use mode +s on their channels, to make them secret, there are many public channels available here at If you want your channel added or removed from this list, please .

Clicking on a channel below "IRC" will launch mIRC, if it is installed on your computer and you're using Internet Explorer. All channels, not just the ones listed under IRC, can be accessed through any standard IRC client, by connecting to, port 6667, and then typing /join #channelname.

Clicking on a channel below "Java (Web)" will take you to a new webpage where you can chat through your Java-enabled browser. Please note that you should have IE 4.5 or higher or Netscape 4.0 or higher for the Java client to work properly.

Click here to get a popup that shows you the current number of network users. (The number you want to look at is Current Local Users. Please note that the time is GMT -5, or Central Time for North America.)










(Unmoderated, but rated G)


(Network help channel)