Connect through your favourite IRC client! Server: Ports: 6661-6669, 7000 is a website produced entirely by me, Julie Martin. I was the Chatting Online Guide at for four years. The ultimate purpose of the website is that it will host most of my chat-related content that I produced while a Guide with

I discovered through my years of building communities that what I enjoy most about the Internet is bringing people together. I love it. I'm happiest when I've helped people connect with others. While I ran the two most popular chatrooms on the network of 800 sites, a number of my chatters wound up very close friends in "real life", and at least two couples who met in my chatrooms actually got married.

I'd like to continue that work here, at That's why there are many available chatrooms for you to chat in. Or, you can get your own chatroom at a pretty reasonable cost. And, if you're into Internet Relay Chat (IRC) at all, good news -- all the chatrooms hosted at are actually located on the IRC server. You can chat with your favourite IRC client at on ports 6660-6669 and 7000.

So why do I do all of this? For the love of the work, mostly. Still, it costs money to run an IRC server and a website and it costs time to put up new content and send out newsletters. There is absolutely no obligation, but if you enjoy and if you can afford it, it would be greatly appreciated if you would make a small donation via PayPal. Just click on the logo below:

Donation or no, thanks for stopping by Good Chatting to you.


Julie Martin
(juliebug on IRC)